KTM Malaysia online ticket booking

Kereta API Tanah Melayu Berhad is shortly known as KTM Malaysia online ticket booking service, one of the most trusted and well-known ticket booking services in the country. Hope you know that Malayan Railways Ltd. is one of the most trusted and the only department in Peninsular Malaysia. The railway department has started its operation during British era, in the time it was built to facilitate the transportation in the entire Malaysia and it’s inside location, mainly to Singapore and Thailand. Malaysian railway is totally owned by Malaysian government and the fares are normally affordable for all classes of people in the country.

Booking KTM is Safe and Convenient

Though the fares are reasonable, but the very low level of frequency of the intercity trains does not normally make them that much competitive what needed compared to other modes of Malaysian transportation. In the time of communication by train, the Malaysian railway provides often a great discount offers to its citizens, due to the reason the availability of the seat sometimes finished. The majority of senior citizens like to travel by train, as the traveling by train is not only cheap, but safe and comfortable compared to other modes of transportation. Fares are quite cheap in intercity railway, due to the reasons millions of people avail train and it is their first and foremost choice.

Get KTM Ticket and Enjoy Comfortable Journey

Malaysian railway

It is roughly estimated that a train trip to from a general place to Kuala Lumpur, the city of Malaysia normally takes between six or more hours from Singapore, and KTM trains generally take you in many cities in Malaysia. Although, you will have other modes of transportation that can be easily used to travel to the nice Malaysia, including flights as well as buses, but most of the people in the country like to travel by train, because they think it is great, cheap and comfortable.

Online ticket Booking is Safe and Easy from own place

Online ticket booking is one of the easiest as well as economical ways in getting to your destination and certainly the most convenient and comfortable when you are at home and wish to book your own ticket online, and the cost is also very cheap compared to other modes of transportation. Though you can call ticketing agencies that can help you to book your ticket instantly, but they will charge a bit higher than yours. If you know how to book and where you buy the ticket then it is fairly easy to do that, but if you do not know KTM then you must depend on the agency.

Apart from the special coach journey, most of the tickets are available, but if you book luxury or special coach journey then you will get individual toilet, bed room and also TV to spend your time with your family or friends if you take them in the journey.


Batam Island Holidays

The countries in the South East Asian beltare very popular as tourist destinations. Those, who love to visit islands, always ensure that they come to the beautiful islands of Indonesia. The many Indonesian islands such as Java, Sumatra, Bali, Lombok, Kumodo and many others, are very popular as tourist destinations. However, there are quite a number of other small islands and municipalities in Indonesia that are no less beautiful in terms of the natural appearance. Visitors from across the globe come to these small islands during their trip in Singapore.

If you too are planning to travel to one of these islands in Indonesia such as Batam, from Singapore, the best option is to take the ferry services. There are many services for Singapore ferry to Batam that you can take. Many travellers prefer to visit Batam for a short trip and especially for shopping. This is because Batam is a duty-free place, where there are a number of shopping malls and shops. It is an ideal place for shopping as well as for business. Many people from Singapore come to Batam for business purposes. It has a number of trading ports, where free trade is possible.

How to visit Batam from Singapore?

If you are planning to visit Batam from Singapore, you need to visit an online ticket booking service. You will find a number of ferry services that are available and that leave from the many ports of Singapore. You need to choose the one that is near you and that is most convenient for you, depending on the time.As you choose a date of travelling and the number of people that you are travelling, you will be able to make the payment and the ticket will be booked.